Growth is Painful…

We are not perfect nor do we need to pretend that we are. But I do believe it is necessary for us to be the best that we can possibly be if we want to enjoy life while here on earth. 


I started my journey of watching my diet and counting calories on January 16th. I will be the first to say, IT’S BEEN HARD… especially on days or weeks when I’ve been traveling. But, I’ve been fairly consistent and am down 12 pounds. I still have 20 more pounds to go and hoping to reach my goal to finally fit into my wedding dress of 35 years ago.

I have failed many times and given in to the Coca-Cola and chocolate but that’s ok. I have missed some days and weeks of exercising, and that’s ok, too. I’m just taking it one day at a time.

Just like the ocean’s tide, I have my highs and lows.

As long as I have the willpower, I will make it. And my prayer is that this time will be different. This journey is teaching me how much I have over eaten in the past and how out of shape I have become, if I can ever say that I was really ever in shape! LOL 😀 I don’t know how long it will take me to reach my goal, but I do know that once I do, my mindset has changed.

Just having turned 55 and living with an autoimmune disease has made me realize that life is way too short to not take care of myself and enjoy life as much as possible physically, mentally and spiritually.

It’s highly unlikely that I will make it as a pro body builder… 🤪 but I will continue my journey. I will continue to count calories. And I will continue to exercise.

Not much muscle tone yet but I am working on eliminating the flab! 😀 

Are you in the process of working on something to better yourself? If so, please share. I would love to hear about your journey and what works/doesn’t work for you in gaining results. 

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21 thoughts on “Growth is Painful…

  1. I have struggled with an extra 20 pounds up and down all my life. I know what you’re saying. Let’s all hang in there. Great post and cool photo above re: liquid. Your narcissist statement is so true.

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    1. Well thank you so much. Your encouraging words mean a lot to me. As far as the exerting goes, it’s been really difficult to stay on track. All it takes is one day to get off the schedule and ‘poof’ I’m a basket case. But one day at a time is what it’s all about. Right?😀


  2. Good luck, I should be doing the same but I am not there yet. My God be with you as you press on. Stay focused!

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    1. Thanks Sandra! It’s been rough the past two weeks and off my schedule. Haven’t lost but I haven’t gained either so I’ll keeping going. Hoping to get back on track with the exercising. Thanks for your encouragement. Really appreciate it! 😀


  3. Love how you said this—” But I do believe it is necessary for us to be the best that we can possibly be if we want to enjoy life while here on earth. “

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    1. Thanks So much! And you are complete right. It’s hard enough as it is even on the good days.. why make it worse? 😀 Just trying to take it one day at a time.

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  4. Hi,Greetings from India.Loved your post and the way you are gaining the will power and overcoming the odds.I wish I were like you.Many a time I vouch to be strict with my food but fail miserably.Your story is inspiring and I intend to be strict with my food and plan to do regular exercises.Thanks for being inspirational.

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    1. And Hello to you. Thanks so so much for the encouraging words. Believe me, it’s a real struggle. But on those days when I cave in, I don’t worry too much about it. I just try to do better the next day. I wish you much success and look forward to us checking in with each other. I could use a fitness pal via long distance. 😀


  5. You are inspiring! I need to get back on track with exercise. For now, all I’m doing is looking for opportunities to walk whenever possible. Still, I need to do more! You’ve got me thinking….

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    1. Thanks Cindy. Walking is a great way to exercise. I’ve walked a few times this week but not too far. Just around the neighborhood. Good for clearing my head! 😀

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  6. You go Girl!!! Dieting is hard to be sure! My wife went on South Beach and I was “forced to shadow” her diet – sort of. She lost 20 pounds in eight weeks and I lost 11. Keep up the great job!

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    1. Wow! That’s awesome results! I’ve not done it! How does South Beach work?


  7. Great results. All you need to do is keep reminding yourself it is your choice, it is for you and you only🌹🌹

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    1. Thanks Mel! That’s great advice. I’ve been working on checking things off of my bucket list and getting into my wedding gown is one of them. I’ve been busy and not posting as often. Sorry for the late response. Hope to catch up on reading some of your posts.😀


  8. I am on a similar journey. I want to lose some weight and tone, but most importantly feel good about myself and be healthy. Ive noticed changes even if i haven’t lost the pounds… the scale doesn’t matter. I lost inches for sure since I fit in pants that i have difficulty closing 🙂 what i have been doing so far is a combination of cardio and weight lifting. I think it’s just a matter of finding the right combination. If you go on my blog i have been writing about my journey myself. Building muscle is important has it makes your body burn more calories even if you’re not working out and cardio with tighten everything into place 🙂

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    1. Oh wow! Thanks Melanie! I will definitely check out your posts! I need some new ideas. Especially with cardio! Appreciate your comments and I will keep in touch 😀

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  9. That’s so great that you are working on your health and are doing so good. Working on your health is a great thing not only for the looks but for how it makes you feel. Just stay consistent and keep eating the right foods. I have been on my health journey for 5 years and recently started doing Yoga which I love for how it turns the attention inwards so I can love my body even more and want to exercise and eat healthy. I am not sure if you’vr tried it, its a good one for a rest day and stretching. I enjoyed reading your post. I am new to blogging and happen to stumble upon some of your blogs and have enjoyed reading, any pointers you can give me would be great as I enter the blogging world. 🙂

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    1. Oh wow! I’ve never tried yoga but I’m interested. I always think I would do it wrong. 😂 Welcome to the blogosphere. I’m so glad you found me. I look forward to following you. I still feel like a newbie, because I have so much more to learn. 😀


  10. I can relate to this post. As I am needing to make some changes in that area. I need to lose some weight, but for the most part mine is more cardio and firming of flab. I am really out of shape. Wishing you much will power and patience through your weight loss journey. You will get there! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Arl. I’m sure there are many who wear our shoes. Have you started on any goals yet? Maybe we can share what works and doesn’t work. Wouldn’t be awesome if we could actually exercise together through the internet somehow? 😂 Lets keep in touch.

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