Conveyor of Words

No matter what life’s circumstances may bring, we have a choice of how we will act and react. As for me, I’ve come to believe that positivity can be a very powerful conveyor during life’s struggles. Through The View From My Window, I try to convey that positive words and a positive perspective are important in everyday life.

The magic of words can do more than just define a meaning. Our words can be the most inspiring form of communication or the most damaging. They have the power to create and motivate. And I believe we have a responsibility over the words we speak.

With that being said, I am asking for your support by ‘following’ and ‘sharing’ my podcast, which is the voice behind my blog. I’m still new to this type of platform so you would be helping me grow and expand in many areas. 

I started this podcast last year and took a break to further other endeavors, but my heart speaks to me that I should continue this effort to see where it will take me. 

The View From My Window Podcast (Please click the link)


is to publish an episode at least once a week. I’ve already posted ten episodes which stem from my blog in some way. The topics will hopefully get better as I go. And I hope to go “live” and chat with others to share a common ground with others.


I have a passion to express my thoughts through words whether it’s to entertain, educate, inform, or just chat. But most importantly, to connect with others. To move and be moved. To share and to listen. To get real with myself and others.

I hope you will join me in this effort. I truly need your guidance and support. I’m all ears and using you as my soundboard.

Lots of Love,


Copyright 2018~ The View From My Window

All Rights Reserved


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19 thoughts on “Conveyor of Words

  1. Hello Laura.. Many of us miss the opportunity we had to count on Word Press to provide the weekly photo prompt and the Daily Word Prompt. Those were the good old days. I have a new site “Weekly Prompts” which offers users the platform to present their creative works. Please drop by and see if this site is good for you. Don’t forget to add the”.com” to the “weeklyprompts” lead in. – gc


  2. Love the post and will try to keep up. The full time job has it’s time frame and God does also. Working on consistency.

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  3. amazing post and great of informative post!!!

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    1. Thanks! Really appreciate it!


  4. Very nice…And the podcast also is great…

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  5. Great post and I’m now following your podcast, can’t wait to see what more you will be up too!

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    1. Thank you so much, Deirdre! Look forward to our new connection! 😀

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  6. You can also follow through the email option


  7. I tried to follow the podcast with google+ but got an error message.

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    1. Not sure why this happening. Did you click the link in my post? It should take you straight to the site.


      1. I did. It asked to sign in through Facebook (I don’t have), Twitter (I forgot the password), and google+.

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        1. The link in the middle of the post is the podcast. The Facebook link is a different site. If you send me your email address through my contact info on my blog, I can send you an email invite.


          1. Oh…I see now what you’re saying. You will probably need to just change your password. Hope it works for you. 🙂


          2. Thanks. Got it now.
            I did click on the podcast link but as I was using my cell phone, after clicking on the link first thing that came up had the “follow” button and I clicked on that and it took me to the FB/Twitter /Google+ window.

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            1. Yes. If you scroll down a little further, it should allow you to just follow through email.


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