My Personal Growth

With only six days into the new year, the majority of us are looking for opportunities to improve, change and grow in various ways. Progress can be a struggle. But sometimes, our deepest struggles can carry us through our greatest growth.

It would be so easy for me to post a photo of a beautiful flower, from seed to bloom; to relay my thoughts on my personal growth. But I’m not. 

If I’ve learned anything over the years, my growth comes in waves. Those waves demand a temporary surrender to learn from my mistakes. 

My life, with all its ups and downs, is like the oceans tide. Ever moving. Ever changing. Nothing stays the same. Just when I think all is well, an unpredicted circumstance washes over me and rearranges the life I once had. As the tide goes back out, I collect my thoughts and start again. 

The incoming waves are all a part of life. Without them, I would not grow. I would not see the beauty from each change. I would not experience the growth from each challenge. 

Some may feel this is a stretch for this particular photo challenge. It may not evoke the excitement of entering into a new year. It may not symbolize the way most view the word “growth.” That’s okay.

For me, the highs and lows of the oceans tide speaks the spirit of change and newness with endless opportunities of growth.



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18 thoughts on “My Personal Growth

  1. I love the view that you have there. There is something very calming about the ocean. Personal growth is the only New Years resolution that I made this year. Each and every day I practice mindfulness. I still feel like the world is totally unfair and am trying to be at peace with that, along with self-comparison… working on that too. Being positive and seeing things glass half full definitely helps ground us.

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  2. I like the twist you put on growth. I’m always curious what the development of others is like. There are many times I want to criticize others for their actions but I have to stop and think. They must see the situation from a different perspective, I wonder what they see? Refreshing to read a new point of view. Thanks for that!

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    1. Thank you. Really appreciate your positive comments. I always try to see things from another’s point of view. Sometimes it helps and other times, well.. let’s just say I move on because I may never understand where they’re coming from. 😀

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    2. Thanks for your insight! Appreciate it much! Have a great day!


  3. I love it! I agree with you! Love the comparison to the ocean waves! Nothing is exactly the same after a wave!

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    1. Thanks! Oh how true.. love your perspective on this, as well. 😀


  4. Love your adaptability and positive perspective! Hope you’ll check out my blog about personal growth and healing! Would love to go on this journey together!

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  5. Waves! I like this image for growth.

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  6. It’s a beautiful photograph Laura, I used to feel sad when my life kept changing, I just wanted peace. What got me through those times were realising that maybe I was not learning something that I was meant to, maybe I was repeating the same mistakes. Once I accepted the changes and got off the floor crying why me! I changed my mantra to why not me lol. Eventually my life became more balanced, I still have waves coming in but I deal with them.

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    1. Oh how true! I completely understand your heartfelt words. It’s not always our mistakes that knock us down but sometimes others, which affect us. But even when another’s actions cause us growth, that’s still a good thing. 😀

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  7. This is a beautiful metaphor for growth. I can so relate to needing time to regroup, whether after a mistake or a spurt of wisdom. There a rhythm to the sea created by Him, meant for all.

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    1. Thanks Julie! Life sure is full of its ups and downs!😀

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  8. I love your perspective on this theme and your views about the New Year. Indeed, progress, change, growth can be a struggle ‘cos they come with different challenges. Thanks for this great share. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Stella! As many challenges that I’ve been facing lately, I pray God is using me fir something awesome! LOL


      1. Amen and Amen. You are touching lives with your words in your writings. You will overcome these challenges because God is with you. Hugs from cold cold Denmark. ❤❤

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  9. this is so beautiful, amazing, grateful of lines.

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