The Lily Pad Syndrome

Have you ever looked at a lily pad and thought of floating away from all your stress and worries? Or maybe your life is much like a series of lily pad hoppings not able to adapt on just one and having to move on?

I have.

It’s been a while since my last post. In fact, it was one hundred thirty-four days ago. Many life-changing events has happened in those past one hundred thirty-four days.

Many of you have asked about my absence and checking up on me. I appreciate your care and concern. It’s always nice to be missed. 🙂

Some of you may not have even realized I was gone until this post popped up into your email or social media page…and that’s completely ok. We all have our own lives to live. But in those one hundred thirty-four days, I still received all the many daily emails from other bloggers who remained faithful to their writing. Faithful to their passion. Faithful to encouraging me when I was out-of-sight and out-of-mind…and for that, I thank you.

So where am I going with this?

Let’s get back to the lily pad. Just looking at a lily pad, we might not think much; other than a habitat for frogs. In their natural environment, water lilies make for a beautiful scenery. They are most beautiful when blooming at the water’s surface with colorful flowers. But the lily pad has a purpose.

Did you know that the lily pad actually calms the surface of ponds, lakes and streams? Not only do they have a calming effect to the water, they also provide safety, shade and shelter to frogs, dragonflies, turtles, beetles and fish. And I thought it was just a green leaf floating on top of the water. LOL

So, where am I going with this?

Although the lily pad appears to just float on the water’s surface, it actually has roots. Roots which are anchored deep in the mud. Like any other plant, they get their nutrients from the roots. But they also have a darker side. Sometimes, the roots of a lily pad can grow excessively which can cause overcrowding and choke out other plants and animals below the water’s surface.

So, where am I going with this? 

Do you ever go through life looking like a beautiful lily pad on the surface for others to see, yet your roots are your own worst enemy? You know…others may think you have it all together yet so much drama is happening and hidden below  life’s surface where no one else can see.

Let me put it this way. Sometimes you may see me as a lily pad on the surface with all my posts, photos or quotes but down deep…my roots are tangled. Yes, I do have roots. They are still there intact and unbroken but tangled. Tangled with the weight of life’s pressures. Some may think I come off  as a “know-it-all”  or a “goody-two-shoes” when my posts appear. But let me be the first to say, I am a person  just like you, who is trying to make it day-by-day and keep my head above the water the best I can.

My tangled roots (negative thoughts) can get the best of me, so I write to stay positive. My tangled roots (health issues) can get the best of me, so I write to stay positive. My tangled roots (disappointments in myself) can get the best of me, so I write to stay positive. Sometimes, I am just a lily pad looking positive on the outside yet so much can affect my roots and core of who I really am. So I make a conscious effort to replace the negative with positive.

So, where am I going with this?

At times, I think we can all have tangled roots like that of a lily pad. And, yes…it is much easier to complain than seeing the positive side of our difficulties. But as long as our roots are still intact, they can become untangled. 

A great attitude becomes a great mood…which becomes a great day…which becomes a great year…which becomes a great life.

Until next post, and hoping it’s not another one hundred thirty-four days…may we stay positive and untangle those stresses one at a time.

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14 thoughts on “The Lily Pad Syndrome

  1. Well, I learned something today. I thought it was just a floating leaf too. That explains why frogs can sit on it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks! I’ve truly missed everyone in the blogosphere! Glad to be back!


  3. I do hope your next post is sooner than 134 days from now.

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  4. I believe we’re all trying to unravel the web we’ve weaved (try saying the last 3 words fast…ha) especially the emotional roots. We’re all a work in progress. Good to hear from you! 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Bernice. Good to hear from you, too. Oh the web of life…the weave which tangles. My life has always been pretty predictable and then all of a sudden, things just happen all at once. But so glad I’m back in the flow of writing again. Thanks for your stopping back. Hope to talk again soon. 🙂

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  5. Laura this is definitely a post from the heart. The beauty of your situation is you realize that you have roots. After reading this I feel that your roots may not be a tangled as you think. Welcome back, will be watching for your post. ⚘🌷🖒

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So good to hear from you, Mel. And maybe you’re right. Maybe my roots have just been tugged on a bit. But they are still deeply planted exactly where they should be. Looking forward to your future posts and comments. 🙂

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  6. Good post. I enjoy being rooted. I wouldn’t like pad hopping! You are right about our roots generally being hidden while we just expose the “pretty” side of life. I like that, however. I don’t care for a lot of laying it all out, unless there is something I can do to help. But I grant you that it sometimes just helps to shake those roots and let a lot of debris fall off! 😀 Glad you are back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Oneta! I am also a very private kind of person. I always try to look at everything from a positive perspective and it’s not always easy. But, yes…I agree that the debris does need shaken and removed. It can really weigh a person down. But my roots are strong. God is good. Thanks for the encouraging words. 🙂


  7. Welcome back Laura! I’ve missed you and your inspirational writing. No one is perfect and this world can be very difficult at times. We all have tangled roots from time to time. We are all a work in progress. Looking forward to your next post “SOON”. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Yamina. I really appreciate your support. Yes, we are all a work in progress. And it’s very encouraging to be among you and so many others who inspire me. Thanks for being there. Look forward to our next conversation. 🙂

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