I Surrender

It’s another Free Flow Friday. Check out today’s word. SURRENDER

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5 thoughts on “I Surrender

  1. This is awesome. It comes across clear. I’m trying to set up a podcast for my second blog and would like to know how you did yours. Thank you


  2. Light Ministry Blog December 27, 2016 — 1:56 pm

    I am often looking for ways to surrender my will to that of God. It is a battle at times, but it is always better in the long run when I am successful at it. For the Lord’s love and mercies come to me in a richer and more satisfying way when I am more willing to do as He says…


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  3. Surrender is a choice as to whether you stand up against the flow to make a point, or go with the flow because you want to conserve energy – that is you choose your battles. It gets hard when circumstances around you force yo to fight to survive, eg as in Aleppo.

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    1. I definitely agree about how hard it gets when circumstances force you to choose. I always enjoy your perspective on each question. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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