Laura’s Link-Up: Question #4/What’s Your Answer Going to Be?

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’ve had an amazing Monday, so far. It’s time for Laura’s Link-Up. What’s that? you ask. Well, it goes something like this. I will post a question for all of us to ponder and give great thought to. If you choose, you can join others in the discussion to create multiple viewpoints. But don’t forget to post your link so others can “follow” your awesome blog. The more comments made, the more links to follow. So, with that said…Let’s get started.

First, I want to thank all those who participated in Link-Up #3Does human nature shape our personalities more or does nurture? If you want to check out the responses, please click the link. Don’t be shy. You are more than welcome to still get in on the conversation.

Below are a few fellow bloggers who participated in the most recent “LINK-UP” as well as in past discussions.  Please check them out. You may discover a new friend and a new inspiration is just a link away.

I am extremely thankful for my blogging community.

I am inspired by you every day.



















So, that brings us to LINK-UP: QUESTION #4: 

Are people, in general,  too dependent on digital technology? Why or Why not?

(Feel free to answer the question and please leave a link to your blog.  

You’re welcome to leave other links as well, such as Twitter, Instagram…)

Hope to see you in the link-up!



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11 thoughts on “Laura’s Link-Up: Question #4/What’s Your Answer Going to Be?

  1. Hey, this is the my first participation in the Link Ups and i am glad to be here.
    I beleive that people are too much dependent on the technology, more than what we ideally should be. There are a lot of things that can be accomoplished without the use of mordern day technology , yet we prefer digitization and gadgets over the traditional ways. The prime reason is ease of use ofcourse, beacuse if some knowledge is just a click away why do i waste my time going to a library and scanning books?. If i can get my work done by a simple message, why do i go in person and meet?
    But somehow i feel we are missing on a major portion of life by relying completely over technology.
    Do visit me on:


    1. Hi Fatema. Welcome and thanks for commenting. Following your blog. It looks amazing. I completely agree. One thing in particular I’ve noticed is the apps such as Spotify and others where music is purchased with just a click. My husband and I have a collection of CDs that there are too many to even count. We were so proud of our collection. But now, it’s just so easy to hook up to the Bluetooth and listen to any genre your heart desires. New technology is great but now all our CD’s are just stored away collecting dust. Another example…my husband and I were eating out a few weeks ago. The table across from us, was a young father with three children looking to range in age from 6-10. While the children ate and talked among themselves, he was on his cell phone. The server stopped a few times to ask how everything was…the father, too engrossed in his phone, didn’t even hear her. The son tugged on his shirt sleeve, but no response. The son shrugged his shoulders and the server walked away. The children tried to get his attention several times. They were loud, and even dropped their silverware to get his attention. But nothing. All three children finished eating, but the father hadn’t even touched his food. Finally, the server came with the bill and he looked up. He acknowledged her and then began to quickly eat his food. They were there for about 45 minutes to an hour and he was on his phone the entire time, until he ate. Maybe he was on the phone texting his wife who was away. Maybe he was working. Maybe he was on FaceBook. Who knows…All I know is, that cell phone took away precious time from his three beautiful children who desperately needed his attention.
      😦 So sad. Anyways, thanks for commenting. Hope you come back. I lokk forward to your future comments.

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      1. Very true Laura, but the other way is also correct these days kids are so into their gadgets and i pads, they dont know what it means to spend a quality time with family! Technology is good and very important but it has surpassed certain values!
        Sure i will be there again in the next discussion

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  2. I felt too dependent on technology this morning when we had a power cut. I could not use my landline phone, or recharge my mobile phone which I forgot to recharge overnight, and I had limited battery time left on my laptop computer. Also my washing machine stopped half way through. I have limited space in which to wash by hand, and my sheets were in a machine half full of water.

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    1. That’s when it’s the worst. The unexpected power outage. I know exactly what you mean. Hopefully it’s back on now and you weren’t inconvenienced too long. I’ve had that happen with dinner in the oven which was an electric oven. Luckily, it was almost done. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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  3. I think both have a place in today’s world. I see this especially in my work as a teacher. Technology as a tool is invaluable. Technology as a crutch dulls learning. Here is a post I wrote more than a year ago on this subject:

    Old-fashioned Reboot

    Sliding smoothly

    across a crisp page

    graphite compositions

    record efforts

    of a bygone era

    More intricately

    connected to thoughts

    still forming

    Handwritten pages

    slow the process

    Returning to

    pre-keyboard days

    is sometimes

    the inspiration needed

    to ignite creativity

    You can find my blog at

    Thanks for hosting the link up!

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    1. Technology is definitely a plus in the classroom. Even in my past Pre-K classes, thousands and thousands of dollars was spent on a smart board which is a great teaching tool. But yet, I will never say enough how hands on learning and problem solving the good old fashion way. They can make some awesome internet games but nothing will ever replace the actual feel of the bat being swung with your own hands and hitting that ball out of the park. I hope as technology progresses some things still remain the same. Both are a blessing. Thanks for your comments! 😃

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  4. Too much dependent
    On communication digital
    Who are you kidding
    When you can
    Digitally perform
    With real satisfaction
    The most common act
    Of the three
    Or four letter word
    Then come back to me
    And we will have
    A meaningful
    Till then
    Everything digital
    Is just virtual

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    1. Very profoundly stated. Thank you so much for sharing!😃

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  5. Well, this is my first participation in these linkups and it seems quite interesting…. heres is what I think. Yes we are too dependent on digital technology. Why? In so many areas like the will to read or pick up a book is barely in existence because Google knows it all. The old fashioned physical communication is dying rather quickly because we have social networks and also because we have phones so literally teens can go days without uttering a word to an individual as long as they have their smartphones. All these are ways I’m which we depend on digital technology because it always provides an alternative. Even the fun of shopping is taken away because of online stores!! They are all good but should we really be subjecting ourselves to them??? I hope I made sense in all that tho….. .

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    1. Welcome to the Link-Up! I totally agree. Smartphones definitely play a huge role in our everyday lives. It has everything you need… Calendar, news and info at your fingertips, camera, messaging, mail, games, alarm, security for your house… There is an app for everything. I think what I like most is the advantage of FaceTime so I can see my kids and family from afar. That’s amazing and a blessing. What I don’t like is the constant need for it. It’s hard to go backwards in a forward moving world of progress. I’ve been feeling guilty recently for using my Bible App more than picking up my personal Bible and flipping the pages through my fingers. I will be working on that one. Even though I still read my digital Bible daily, my personal study Bible is just collecting dust. For that, I’m sad. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. Hope you come back!😃

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