Laura’s Link-Up: #3 I Have a Question. Do You Dare Try to Answer?

Hello Friends,

It’s Monday and it’s a new week. Yep. For some of us, we are back to the ‘same old same old’ work routine. But you know what? I think you’re going to be awesome today. I think you’re going to make someone’s day better because you can.

But it’s not just any Monday. It’s time for Laura’s Link-Up. What’s that? you ask. Well, it goes something like this. I will post a question for all of us to ponder and give great thought to. If you choose, you can join others in the discussion to create multiple viewpoints. But don’t forget to post your link so others can “follow” your awesome blog. The more comments made, the more links to follow. So, with that said…Let’s get started.

First, I want to thank all those who participated in Link-Up #2.  Interesting thoughts were shared and although some felt men were more complicated than women, and vice versa; it was concluded that the entire human race is somewhat complicated and difficult to understand. Men and women alike, have differences and similarities which makes the human aspect a complicated one, at times.

I am extremely thankful for my blogging community.

I am inspired by you every day.

Below are a few fellow bloggers who participated in the most recent “LINK-UPs.” Please check them out. You may discover a new friend and a new inspiration is just a link away.

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Thanks to all those who contributed to great prompt discussions. Hope you all come back.

So, on to Question #3: Does human nature shape our personalities more or does nurture?

(Feel free to answer the question and please leave a link to your blog.  You’re welcome to leave other links as well, such a s Twitter, Instagram…)

Hope to see you in the link-up!



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17 thoughts on “Laura’s Link-Up: #3 I Have a Question. Do You Dare Try to Answer?

  1. Light Ministry Blog February 7, 2017 — 4:11 pm

    I would say that nature leaves us open to possibilities to be certain kinds of people. Since we begin hearing things in the womb, before we are even born, and the fact that our brains are 80% developed by age three years, we are very much the product of nurture and the experiences we have in young life, at least for most things. I do believe it is possible for some of our traits to be “hard wired” in our brains as we are forming. So the answer is BOTH I think…


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  2. Laura, this is a great question! Nature vs. nurture. As a parent and a teacher of very young children I see the personality traits coming through strongly in children who are still very young so I see the human nature argument. For example, if you leave a wagon in the playground, there are children who will just sit in that wagon and wait until someone finally comes to pull them around. They are so patient waiting there and don’t mind sitting. Then there are others who are so opposite and are strongly motivated to be the one pulling the wagon. The heavier the load, the greater the satisfaction. The interesting part is this: I feel that even twins are unique in some way at birth so although you can take twins and raise them separately to try to determine if the differences in nurturing has changed their personalities I feel you cannot really get conclusive evidence. There is so much more I could say on this topic… I think you’ve hit on a great idea for a blog post. For now I’ll say I believe the two work together as equal partners.

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    1. What a great example. I love learning just by watching children. Nature vs. Nurture has always intrigued me. There’s really no exact formula for everyone. Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts. I, too, think they work together and sometimes against one another to shape us into the person we are. Hope you come back. You always have great things to share. 😃

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  3. I am probably sidestepping the issue here. I was very interested to see a documentary on the Dunedin Longitudinal study on children born there in 1972. 44 years later it is showing nature via nurture: ie certain negative genes are switched on by abuse or neglect, but do not activate with a positive upbringng.

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    1. Humm…That’s odd. I wonder why? Maybe it’s in our nature to be more positive than not so when the negative arrives, it makes a bigger impact. But that’s sad if it’s true. Interesting stuff. I will have to look it up. Thanks for the info. And thanks for participating! Please come back! 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome. I will be back.

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  4. Fantastic question, Laura.
    First I wanted to say it mostly human nature because two kids growing up in the same environment can turn out so differently.
    But… maybe that’s because trying to nurture two kids exactly the same will create different results because different kids need different nurture. So maybe it’s the fact that one kid received the nurture that they needed, the other didn’t.
    So, that comes back to human nature, because if we were all receptive to the same nurture, siblings would not turn out as polar opposites, which seems to happen. They don’t, so I guess it’s the different human natures that respond differently to the same nurture…
    Confusing enough?

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    1. HA HA! Confusing but I understood it. That’s what’s so funny about it! Anyways, great thoughts. Human nature does respond differently to the same nurture. Although, I believe the nurture is highly important from the time the baby is conceived. So I guess, Nature and nurture work together to make a healthy baby. Thanks for your comments. Really appreciate! 🙂

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  5. Heya Laura, great question!

    I have been thinking deeply about this issue because my older sister and I are complete opposites. I gave my sister as an example of nurture of course since we grew up in the same house, with the same parents, but still had and still have different life. I believe that our environment shape who we are to a certain degree; then the “YOU” factor kicks in. I believe that who we are naturally will set the tone to the way we evolve as humans.

    I heared alot the saying: “You are a product of your environment”, tho I don’t believe that this as simple as that. My dad is not a “free spirit” like me. Actually, I am happy I was wise to start paving my way when I was 19 and start thinking for myself.

    Based on my experience, I am glad my natural tendencies were more dominant than my environment.I managed to surround myself with my kind of people and hobbies. Although I believe that our environment unconsciously wire us in a way. I grew up in Israel and I can hear a siren going off even if it is really crowded outside. That is not natural, right?

    Who we are is a mix of that and I feel as if this is our part to reflect on how we are as people and change what’s not working – whether it is nature or nurture.

    Thanks for the great question!

    As we all know, the link to my blod is my name 😀

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    1. WOW! Really great thoughts! I like the “You” Factor. I totally agree. But, I recently had a discussion with someone who feels that nurture or the lack of, is what made him the way he is today. I totally agree with him to a point, but there are some things that I feel he chooses not to change. He is who he is. But, as he grew and became the person he is today…years and years later, has much to do with how he chose to be. He can be very open in some areas of life where he is comfortable. But like most of us, we need to sometimes step out of our comfort zones and change in some ways. But like you stated, ‘it’s a mix of the two.’ Nurture and nature play a big role in our lives.
      Thanks so much for participating in the question. Will be looking up your link! 🙂

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      1. Awesome idea, looking forward for the next one 🙂

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  6. Laura thank you so much for nurturing my blog. I appreciate that. Now to your question

    Does human nature shape our personalities more or does nurture? I think our personalities are what we are born with. But they can be altered by nurture or the lack thereof. I am a glass is half full person who has experienced things that should have changed my personality So I believe you can be a positive and happy person if you choose to be. Don’t dwell on the past…it is history… enjoy the Now.

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    1. I tend to think like you, Pam. It may be harder for some than others to see this way of thinking. Circumstances can change who we are, the way we think and live…if we allow it. But I believe the true nature of humans is formed from their own choices. The positive nurture I received while young has definitely shaped me, but the choices I make and the way I am has everything to do with my individual nature and the way I choose to be. I try to see the glass half full, as well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  7. normalisoveratedblog August 22, 2016 — 12:00 pm

    Nature vs. nurture is as confounding as which came first the chicken or the egg. In my opinion, there is not one clear answer. It’s not possible to say that one or the other explicitly shape our personalities. It’s a combination of the two. Everyone’s experiences are different even when experienced at the same time. Because not only are their experiences nuanced with differences at the time, their mental state may color the experience.
    Tough one, thanks for making me think.
    Katie normalisoverrated2016

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    1. Thanks for sharing, Katie. I do believe it’s a combination of the two…but does one maybe weigh over the other? Or are equally the same? For me, I believe God created us all in His likeness. In the beginning, man and woman were made perfect and not subject to death. But, man…being of free will chose to rebel. They lived in a perfect environment with freedom of choice. Man was given a righteous nature and nurtured in a positive environment but chose to rebel. In turn, because of their rebellion, we too, bear the scars of their sins. So, no matter what environment with what we are nurtured, human nature takes over and forms who we are. I do believe our nurturing weather it be negative or positive, can determine some of who we are but maybe our human nature is more capable of overcoming more than we think.
      For instance, two children are raised in a very negative and abusive environment. Both equally mistreated and unloved. Once they leave home, one continues to live a life of negative abuse as where the other, decides to live a much more positive life and chooses to leave the negative behind. Are these personalities/character traits defined more by nurture or nature?
      I totally agree that the way we are nurtured shapes our personalities but ultimately in the end, we are the ones who choose the nature of our thoughts and the lives we live. 🙂 I do believe that both are equally important in a child’s development.

      I really enjoyed your comment. Made me think a little deeper.

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