Laura’s Link-Up: I Have a Question. Do You Dare Try to Answer?

Hello Friends and Fellow Bloggers,

I want to thank all those who participated in the last Link-Up. There was some great discussion and I appreciated all the participation. I hope everyone was able to try to connect and link-up with a few bloggers. If you missed out, just click the link and  feel free to join in.  Laura’s Link-Up: Question #1

Laura’s Link-Up was not created to gain more followers. Blog stats and numbers may be what some are looking for, but for me…I just enjoy linking-up with fellow writers, bloggers and readers  who want to share their inspiration with others.

How it works: Laura’s Link-Up will be posted two Mondays of each month. Within the post, there will be a Question or Topic Discussion to kick off the post. Once you see the blog post, it’s totally in your hands. You can ignore, delete it, or link-up. To link up, all you need to do is share your blog link with one word describing your blog. For example: Inspirational, Photography, Poetry, Fashion/Beauty, Book Reviews, etc.) Once you have posted your link, you are free to comment on the Post Question/Discussion. Sharing comments/replying back and connecting with other blogs will bring you the most success from the link-ups.

Why is building a community important?

It gives encouragement. Sometimes the right words are said just at the right time to make all the difference in a mindset.

It gives constructive feedback from those who may  see things from a different perspective.

It gives options for various social sites that you may benefit from.

It gives opportunities and possibilities to network, explore and learn and grow from those who are more experienced.

It gives the satisfaction of helping fellow bloggers by Paying-It-Forward.

With all that said, let’s get started.

8/8/2016/Question #2:

Who is more complicated? Men or Women? (Feel free to answer the question and please leave a link to your blog as well as a short description. You’re welcome to leave other links as well, such a s Twitter, Instagram…)

Hope to see you in the link-up!


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22 thoughts on “Laura’s Link-Up: I Have a Question. Do You Dare Try to Answer?

  1. More complicated? Woman. Just ask any man! Now seriously, I do believe women are much more complicated. Example One: Women might dwell in the “what might have been?” Not men. They are in the here and now. Example Two: Men don’t play word games; women hint, “suggest,” bribe. Example Three: Women cry, nag, whine; men sulk.

    My time is short today, Laura, so I’m short with my answer. Love the idea and opportunity you are presenting on this blog community activity.


  2. Well, you know ya’ll I have to say women think with their feelings and heart. Men do not seem to me able to do this. Now, I raised three sons. All are between 25-30 years old now. I was also married for 25 years and with my ex for 32. I am no expert on who is more complicated but most of my life has been dealing with the male sex. So, with that said MEN are more complicated. Might my opinion come from a un-healthy relationship filled with abuse, addiction, and just plain awful for the most part, maybe….My son’s all seemed to be good boys and have weathered the storm of what was their parents but still they have issues and it seems to be always different types of stuff than what a woman would stress or have issues with. So, from a woman who’s bathroom was a urinal for many years again I vote men are more complicated. LOL! Maybe my response was a little different and for that I am sorry. This again is just how I feel right now. Thank you for this link up it was different and I liked it. Smiles 🙂 Annette! “Annette’s Place”

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    1. I am so sorry you had to experience such abuse and I’m sure you have much to say about this topic. I truly appreciate your willingness to open up and share your personal feelings. On the other hand, I know someone very close to me who also experienced abuse as a child from his step mother. He has carried this with him for many years and I believe his past has made him much more complicated than most men. He is very difficult to understand at times, and is more withdrawn. Circumstances can definitely play a role in our complicated lives, weather male or female. But….my experiences so far, seem to be that men are more complicated. Thank you so much for your comments and sharing your link. Please don’t be a stranger to my window. 🙂 It’s always open!


  3. Women are complicated at times, and men are just frustrating! Lol I’m joking!

    My husband (of 20+ years) is less stubborn and better at communicating than most men I’ve known. I was always rather logically-minded, direct, and tom-boyish when I was young.

    You know how sometimes in social gatherings, all the men will end up in one circle talking and all the women will congregate in another spot? When my husband and I were first married, we were the couple who always stuck together in social situations, walking back and forth between the groups. I would hear people talk about all the differences between men and women, but I couldn’t really understand what they meant because my hubby and I seemed to meet in the middle.

    However, the older I get, the more I’m seeing the differences! The main one I see is that girls eventually mature, whereas the majority of boys never do! 😉 is a blog about choosing joy

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    1. I love your opening sentence. So funny but true! I tend to agree and I do see, for the most part, girls maturing faster than boys. Women take on so many roles and wear so many hats. Thanks so much for contributing to the comments and sharing your thoughts. I always look forward to your wisdom. 🙂

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      1. Wisdom?? Ooooo…I like that! Lol

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  4. Both are great thoughts. I, however, think that men and women are wired differently. I have been living with the same man for 33 years and I am still trying to figure out what makes him tick. I am learning. I am getting much better at reading his emotions, but for the most part; men do not talk about their feelings or emotions the way women do. Women can be emotional and hormonal. On the other hand, I give my husband credit for being able to sense my feelings or when something is on my mind. He has learned to understand me better. But, he doesn’t share the way I do, so it’s much more difficult for me to understand him. I think that’s just the way it is. Men and women are definitely built differently and they should be. If not, when would we ever get to ask, “What are you thinking?” LOL

    Thanks for your input. Feel free to disagree. It’s all good here. And, don’t forget to link-up with others. 🙂

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    1. This is the ultimate truth Laura – “Men and women are wired differently”!👍👍
      And the other truth is, we being women will find men complicated. Reason being, (as you already said) they don’t talk about emotions openly which makes us to dig deeper and deeper in our questioners. While men, might find our expressive (or over expressive for them) nature little (or more) complicated.
      So through this perspective I feel whole Human race is complicated. It all depends what one find complicated!😊

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    2. Hey!
      I would like to nominate you for Blogger Recognition Award as I feel you deserve it. 🙂
      If you want to participate you can read my full post here

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      1. Thank you so much! I gladly accept. So sorry it took so long to reply. I’ve been a little busy (and tired) LOL, to connect in the blogosphere, but I will definitely post in response to this as soon as I can. 🙂 I am truly enjoying your blog posts.

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        1. Thank you Laura! It’s completely alright!😊
          I’m waiting for your response!😍


  5. I had an answer lined up, until I read idle musers answer and I have to say she right. I have often thought about how complex women are, but it’s really people. They can all have different logic to our own.
    A blog on life, laughs, musing, mystery, fantasy and fiction.
    Si ☺

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    1. Right Simon!😊
      It’s whole Human race which is complicated. In fact I wonder if even animals (excluding humans as social animals) also find each other complicated!😁

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      1. I think they find each other easier, they’re more direct and know where they stand – they just might not like it! lol

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        1. Haha..That might be the case too! 😀

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  6. Hey Laura!
    If asked the same question 2-3 years back, I’d have said that Men are complicated, Men are this and that. But now, I’d say it’s whole human community which is complicated.
    You cannot say HE is complicated or SHE is complicated.
    Complications are in human nature itself. If you are a human, you are tend to be complicated.
    The only difference can be in the duration of one staying complicated.
    One can have a complicated life, or a complicated lifestyle, or a complicated way of thinking, or anything.
    So, I guess you cannot conclude who is more complicated. That is what I have learned from my experience which might vary from person to person. 🙂

    My blog is which is about all the colors of life! 🙂

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    1. So true! The entire human race can be difficult to understand. So, we do agree on that point. And…I am starting to think this topic has become even more complicated. LOL! This has been a great discussion. Thanks for your input. Really appreciate it. :0)
      Oh, and you can find my post to your Bloggers Award Nomination here.

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      1. Hehe..Actually! 😀 😀
        Yeah, I did! 🙂

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        1. I love the Hehe.. I have a friend who says this. Most of my friends, myself included, say Ha Ha. Hehe sounds happier and sneaky like, or up to something. Always makes me laugh!

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          1. 😃😃😄
            I’m glad it does make you laugh!😍😃

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