a moments insight…


 It was a cloudy Sunday and a dreary first look into the new month.. My husband and I explored a spot where kayakers paddles were hitting the water on a warm February day. Joggers were jogging, runners were running and people were strolling through Reedy Creek Meadow. I had hopes of finding something worth photographing…something that would speak to me. Everything was colorless. Bare. Empty. A void of nothingness. But when I began to look through the lens, I realized how everything around me had a story just waiting to be told.

As I walked along the lowering path, a couple was also taking in the view and snapping pictures with their cell phone. Just to my right, a young man politely said, “Excuse me,” as I stepped out of his way. He was loaded with a kayak and equipment and the only thing between him and Reedy Creek was obviously, me. I watched him slip into the small slit and secure himself in. Within a few minutes, he had pushed off into the water and was on his way. As I stood watching through my lens, what was once still waters surrounded by twigs of brown…had now become a vivid portrait of inspiration. Little by little…a little can become a lot.

Over the years, I have become more and more fascinated with the railroad track. From the beginning of the first track laid to now, train tracks stretch and spider-web across the country. This day…this dismal day…I found myself walking along the platform of the wooden planks. Aging silently with grace, the gravel lay between the rails. Looking through the cameras eye, a shot was snapped. I couldn’t help but think about all those who have walked along these rails before me and those who will walk after. No longer did the day seem dismal. These tracks have become a part of my journey. The beauty of the rusty rails speaks of Isaiah 45:2… I will go before you and make the crooked places straight.

Just past the tracks, I spotted the sign which read, Reedy Creek Meadow. The meadow, although lacking and lifeless, uniquely expressed its beauty. I could only imagine as I walked down the path that was once an endless field of green and countless colors of wildflowers shining through the brilliant sun.  Beautiful and untamed. It’s only a matter of time before I will walk down this path again and see Reedy Creek Meadow reborn…but for now, I see the beauty of what used to be. Wildflower weed bouquets…with a hint of green and earth tone colors tapered along a cascade of rocks to magnify the elegance.  The earth is what we all have in common and we all have paths to take. It may have taken a thousand crooked paths to bring us to where we are now but every journey on every path is for the greater good. So, surround yourself in nature and stretch your mind to new experiences.

Every moment is an opportunity 
and Every opportunity
 is a moment of insight.

Penny For Your Thoughts:
 In your life experiences…If you could have seen the end of the path from the beginning of where you stood; would you still have continued the journey or taken a different path?

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2 thoughts on “a moments insight…

  1. Thanks so much! I appreciate your words of encouragement. Blogging and Photography are my hobbies and I love it. Wish I could take it to the next level…


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