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Hello Everyone,

Today is my first post of “Mom Matters”, which is a blog theme I will use periodically to write, post, share and discuss with you topics that matter to moms. I have undergone a new endeavor in my child care experience. I am meeting new people, researching new ideas and becoming more involved in my passions. While looking through a host of ads from families needing child care in my local area, this one stood out to me. It was different. It was BOLD!  The ad reads as follows:

We need a nanny for our children in Chesterfield. And we’re looking now! About the children: They fight.

When I read this ad, I had an image in my head much like the photo below.


I have to give the mom credit for stating the ad exactly as she did. Nothing hidden. Straight and to the point! How many mothers do you know who would publicly post an ad  and willingly admit her children fight? Does she not realize she will receive less interest in someone taking on the responsibility of caring for her children? I’m sure she does . But, as a mother, she knows she needs someone who can handle the challenges that may come with siblings who fight.

As a mother, I know what it can be like to feel overwhelmed and discouraged….And the same can go for fathers, also. A typical day may be a full day of work, hurry home to eat dinner.; but first, you have to make dinner. But, woops…you forgot to go grocery shopping. Or better yet, you never had time to go grocery shopping..children need taken to all their after-school curricular activities…dishes need done…laundry needs washed…diapers need changed and there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. You go to bed and no sooner than your head hits the pillow,  the “little one” is wide awake and ready to play and 3 a.m. feedings take presidence. You once again feel the pillow behind your head and it seems only minutes later, the alarm is sounding off. You sigh and wonder…Am I the only one going through this? Does anyone even understand?

mother_calm_in_the_storm-980x480NO! You are not the only one and YES!…There are others who completely understand what you are going through. Life can be mind-boggling and down right frustrating no matter who you are or where you live. Chaos and burnt-out is an equal opportunity provider. The photo above is not the typical response to those physical and emotional burnt-out moments, especially in the exact moment of all the chaos. But, I do have a few tips that may help create a similar picture or mind-set during those hectic hours, days, weeks and months.

  • It’s OK if the check list doesn’t get done. There are only 24 hours in a day. You are only one person. Do your best. Give God the rest!
  • Make Time – Sometimes less is more so start by doing less each day.  Cut out and eliminate some of  the unnecessary activities. Down-size the “to-do” list. This may help create a more relaxing and manageable home environment.
  • Don’t Worry…Especially about what others expect of you. The people worth impressing are the people who want you to be yourself.
  • Make an Attitude Adjustment The sayings, “It is what it is” and “Make the best of it,” holds true. Sometimes, life gets rough and we have to get through it. Accepting the challenges rather than feeling defeated may create positive results.
  • Focus! Focus on what God wants for you! Don’t sweat the small stuff! Always give God the glory, even in the chaos!
  • Create Routines! Have you ever walked into a classroom full of children who have had no routine or balance in their daily schedule? I have! Let me be the first to say…”It ain’t pretty!” Children need routine to promote guidance and consistency in their day. A routine actually nurtures the positive overall growth of children and allows them to feel more secure. Adults need routines, also. Plan those busy weeks with a regular routine and start managing the stress.
  • Make Time for YOU! Do you have a hobby or passion in life? Take time to do something for you. Create a weekly date night…Make time for that book you have been wanting to read…Take a nap…Spend time with a planned “Girls” or “Guys” Night Out…Whatever it is you enjoy doing, make time for you. Learn to relax. You are Worth it!

The above-suggested tips are just simple suggestions to help create a less stressful home environment for those Manic Moments called LIFE!  I want to take a moment to express my appreciation to all those working moms and dads who make so many sacrifices to promote a healthy, loving family in the chaotic world we live in. YOU ARE AMAZING!

To all my readers, if you have any helpful hints or suggestions that have worked for you…please share them here on “MOM MATTERS.”

~Parenting Is A Journey~

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