A Letter to Miley…

Apparently, I missed the latest buzz and I’m ok with that. What I’m not ok with, is the fact that the media will use anything and anyone for any reason in order to get the ratings. Today’s blog weighs heavy on my heart as I, once again, hear about how  someone made national headlines due to the misguidance of those who are older and supposedly, much wiser. As a daughter, mother and grandmother, I feel a sense of obligation to share my thoughts with a young woman who may never read this but my conscience moves me forward.

Dear Miley,

As I write these limited words, please know there are so many more words left unwritten in my heart.

Don’t be shortchanged! Sex sells. That’s a cruel fact. It’s sad to know that even a hamburger is advertised in a sensual manner in order to make the mighty American dollar. But know this…That is not what sex is about.  You don’t have to lower your standards, nor should you, in order to make a living in the United States of America. We buy into “sex sells” because that’s what society says. But who is society? We are! We make that choice. Don’t sell yourself out. Fame may give you power but character is what gives you respect! Your reputation is now in the minds and hands of others but your character is in yours.

Morality Matters. Moral decline is on the rise and although it is seen more abundantly in the public eye, it is not the responsibility of the public to maintain good morale, but more in the private settings of homes and hearts. You have grown in a world where society is defining what morality should be. Everything seems to be morally acceptable and expressing yourself is your constitutional right. You are an impressionable, young woman who has taken the road to “express yourself.” Please realize, if you sacrifice your morality for fortune and fame, what does that say about where you draw the line? It says…You have no line. Be Impeccable and Draw That Line!

Choices Have Consequences. Everyone, sooner or later, is faced with making choices in their lives. Sometimes, difficult choices. The choices we make can allow us to attain our inner power of who we really are. We are faced with an infinity of choices. Our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are choices. And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility. Being the humans that we are, history repeats itself, and sometimes; more often than not; we make the wrong choices. Usually when wrong choices are made, consequences inevitably follow. Realize that not only do your wrong choices affect you, but also, others around you. Accept the consequences as life-learning lessons to rise above the failure and reflect on the true image of the stronger, better you.

Tweet #Live&Learn. Don’t be afraid of your mistakes: Embrace them and face it head-on. Know that everything you do in life has a purpose, even your mistakes. Take control of your life and give God the Glory. Tweet #Live, Learn and Move-On!

Make Meaningful Memories.  Where do you see yourself twenty years from now? Will you have children? Grandchildren? What does your life reveal to your future generation? As you grow older, you may collect items and mementos and place them in a wooden, cedar chest for safe keeping. In the years to come, you may want to share those special memories with the special people in your life. Everyone needs positive memories for reflection. We also need positive values to reflect on and pass on to others. To quote Rosa Parks, ” Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others.” Make your memories meaningful.

Be a Diva Daughter. In today’s generation, the word “diva” is used to describe any extremely, independent and wildly, talented young woman. It seems, in our culture, more people want to reach that Diva status but it’s an “uphill climb” for most of us; but when the top is finally reached, someone else comes along as the replacement. If you want to reach that diva status; be a diva daughter. Feeling pride as a parent is awesome. I know, because I am a parent. I also have parents that have been proud of me. But it’s not always an easy task to achieve.  They want you to be happy, healthy, valued for your inner beauty as well as your outer, and be a good role model. Touch the core of their hearts by being the “diva daughter” that only you know how to be. No one else can make that climb but you.

Dare to Dream Bigger. You are already living a life of most girls dreams. To Be Noticed…Be Heard..To Be Special…To be that one-in-a-million girl! But little do they know, that these dreams are temporary. Fame quickly fades away. Teach them to dream bigger. Any and all talents which we are given are God-given. Use them for His glory! God is the source of all dreams. Dare to dream the bigger dreams that only God can fulfill.

Bold is Beautiful. Being bold is audacious; it’s adventurous, it’s punching fear in the face. Being bold means going against the grain, refusing to back down and being courageous. Bold also means beautiful. You are a one-of-kind individual. You don’t have to be  perfect. You don’t have to conform to the world’s definition of perfect. You just have to be comfortable with who you are. Be bold with your inner beauty. Being bold is being confident…confident in your own skin. Bold is living in the world but not of the world. You can be bold and still be beautiful. 

Listen to your inner voice…the voice that tells you “I am better than this,” because you are!


Old Enough to be your Mother…


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2 thoughts on “A Letter to Miley…

  1. Amen ! Excellent advice.


    1. Thanks so much but wish I knew who this was…it says anonymous.


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